Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What would you rather do over a 20 minute effort?

The past few weeks, I have been meeting up with Babik to do "workouts." Workouts arent really bike riding. Its kind of like going to the gym, but on a bike. The places these workouts happen in Pittsburgh seem to be the "jail trail" and "the oval."

Yesterday's workout was at the oval. Rob was there, and immediately asked where my headphones were. Much like the gym, everybody that was doing workouts alone had headphones on (there were a bunch of people there as it was after work hours and a sunny spring day).

I guess workouts are a necessary evil for the bike racer. Seriously though, riding in circles for 20 minutes is maybe the worst thing ever. I take that back, it is the worst thing aside from riding the trainer for 20 minutes. Either way, I am going to say that riding bikes on roads is a lot more fun than working out. I am going to go ahead and say that the rewards of workouts might not actually outweigh the awfulness of them. I wish there was a 20 minute, or 1 hour and 20 minute hill near here.

My evidence that nobody likes doing workouts is the fact that right after we had met up, Jared and I saw an old lady with a flat tire on the road right next to the oval. She was probably in her 60's and had no idea what to do. We crossed the street and changed the tire for her. Actually Babik changed it while I pretended to help. Cars were backed up, cars were honking, the woman was frantic because she needed to be at a meeting, the whole scene was hectic.

This is conclusive proof that workouts are not fun. The fact that we both went out of our way to do this for a stranger rather than doing something that we are supposed to love with our (haha babik's) limited time.

Bike riding > Workouts

She offered us coffee money, but Babik said something about only being able to take money for cases of Oreo cookies or something. I was trying to make a dime the whole time.

Man this is boring. When will Amy upload the pictures from Colorado so I can bore the internet with those?


Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

Was she hot...?


Anonymous said...

You know it's boring when it bores the internet.

Alan said...

Ha. I just recently got a trainer. It's down in the basement. No TV. Unfinished walls. I need to fashion some sort of book/magazine stand, because 30 minutes on that thing is tough to do without want to go do something else.

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats the time that we had a flat in the parking lot of Lower Providence Crit. One of the nuts was stuck, well stuck for a cyclist. Bad Ass Hacker walks over in his work boots, jean shorts and visor holding a large coffee. One swift kick and it's loose. He just walks away shaking his head. How did that guy ever get over all those hills?

Spice said...

"work boots, jean shorts and visor holding"

Was Hacker part of the Village People?