Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Officially sick.

Monday night status was "run down."

Yesterday was "oh man I am now sick."

I laid out my game plan to Amy and she said that I am crazy. I thought it was totally normal to put on like 5 layers at night and take a bunch of nyquil in order to break a fever? She insists that I am crazy. After sleeping 11 hours last night, I felt good this morning for 1 hour. No good. I did wake up and change outfits twice due to the fever.

Being sick is funny. I am laying here thinking of all the things that I should be doing, wish I were doing, could be doing. Maybe it is good thing in the long run? It could be forced rest, it could be a motivation builder when I feel better. Ill keep telling myself that. Jake got all zen one day and said that "you have to know what it is like to want in order to truly appreciate having."

In the next week I have to finish the house and fly to Denver for a wedding. This is no good at all.

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Kralldiggler said...

Did Jake get all zen while doing the "side car"? That would be sick.