Monday, March 02, 2009

Goodbye Honey.

So the rumor went around that I like free honey. When traveling to races, I will routinely grab as many honey packets as I can from the rest stop Starbucks. Some morally conscience people may think this is stealing, but I contend that they are next to the napkins, and nobody would think twice about taking 20 napkins to store in their glove box.

Anyway, when Ed and Turner were over before Christmas doing the floors, they came with a gift. It was 1 gross of smuckers honey containers. You know, the little rectangles that are filled with jam or honey? Yeah, like 144 of them. What a glorious day that was.

Every morning since, I have put one container on both slices of my egg white french toast. That was until yesterday when I used my last honey.
To quote the great Paul Garbark: "Free food tastes best."

2 slices of bread = 30 cents
2 egg whites = 30 cents
free honey = 60 cent breakfast

I bought honey last night and it ended up being about 12 - 15 cents a Tbsp. That is bringing breakfast up to about 90 cents. Peanutbutter would be cheaper by 50% or so, but Im still on vacation from that.

These numbers are a lot cooler to post than my power files, which I now have and have confirmed are totally mediocre.

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Anonymous said...


Glad you are enjoying both.

There may be another gross in your future, I have a shit load here at school that hasn't seen any action.

Fact: Mediocre power files can win collegiate races.

Fact: Collegiate races are less of a workout than the oval...

The house looks sweet dude.