Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kids like to party.

I could post about Ephrata. 27mph all weekend. Midpack finishes all weekend. Really boring stuff.

Instead, here are photos from a party we had the other week for the kids. I guess it was a "spring party." Pizza and cake were had. Billet, who pretends to be a tough guy, is a real softy and gave a bunch of his girls' old clothes for the kids.

We screen printed T shirts for the kids. They say "Lil Kiziguwaz" on them. Lil Kiziguwaz is the hip hop group a couple of the teenage boys are in. Amy prints their shirts for them, and we had enough for each kid to print their own. Kizigua is a divergent language spoken by their tribe, The Somali Bantu.

2 minutes in and we had the first spill.

Then dancing. Somali weddings are 8 hours of dancing. No food, nothing, just dancing.

Screen printing setup.

This got them really quiet.

Youngest to oldest. Brehemu kills it.

Sharfai showing off her work.

Chubby Molite.

If you are old enough to crawl, you can attend social activities.

My dude Ramazani killing it.

Amy shows off a onezie for a baby that was coming soon and is now here.

Some Ninja moves.

All the done shirts. Me doing what I do best.

Brehemu with an Easter egg? Make note of his sweet watch.

How can you not love this kid?


Spice said...

You're an alright dude.

BUt that shirt you're wearing is SO GAY?

Sonia said...

What a lovely day :)

Urban Jeff said...

I see Fatuma, where is Haji?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invite.