Thursday, March 25, 2010

LA story.

So I got here Tuesday the 9th. I am at the point now where I can navigate LA without a map. I have ridden a lot of the good rides. I have seen the crazies, eaten good food, checked out the ACA club champion's childhood home, seen somebody famous (maebe from arrested development!).

Today was my last ride in LA.
I was here for 16 full days. I rode 16 days. I rode 990 miles. 63 hours and 30 minutes on my bike. I got a killer tan. It rained 0 days. I like riding bikes a lot. I also like riding bikes a lot. Get it?

Tomorrow I drive to San Diego. I will hang out there with the in laws for a bit over a week before driving a car home.


-The wealth disparity in LA is unlike any I have experienced. Everyday I see tons of poor people working really hard up keeping the other end's lifestyle.

- There are lots of people on "life tours." It is something we dont have on the east coast because of the weather. I have seen about a dozen people who totally live off their bikes. I dont think they are any different than your standard homeless person, but it is rad none the less.

- Everybody in LA drives drives like a jerk. Where I am from, if somebody is riding on you, hitting their gas and their brakes at the same time while speeding uphill at a stop sign, they are jerk. LA it is totally normal. Driving is like a bike race, if there is an empty spot, it gets taken right away. People are constantly fighting for position.

San Diego = spring break 010


Andy Suter said...

yea dude, LA blows. spring break ohh 10 rocks

Anonymous said...

Did the ACA club champion's home have some sort of historical marker on it? Like Mark Twain's home, etc.?

Anonymous said...

I dunno man, Cali sort of becomes you. You probably fit in there better than the 'burgh.

Careful or you'll be moving there before you know it.