Sunday, April 01, 2007

this plane is totally crashing

The worst part of the weekend was the actual bike races. I actually contributed to society somewhat (more than I have in like 6 years), and met up with friends from Bike Pittsburgh and Map Hub to brainstorm ideas and start the early stages of the Pittsburgh Bicycle Map. Pretty sweet and honored to be included in a neat process of seeking out roads and whatnot that are good to ride, and what isnt, etc.
Left the Burgh and headed for Hebe's house. 5 hours later we were asleep like kids nervous about christmas the next day. First race jitters. Killer breakfast, killer coffee, nice people. 23 miles or so of an 84 mile race... 4 hour drive back home. I was so freaking bummed to be dropped so early. Dropped from the front not the back, just being stupid. My "buddy" Minturn pulled out the 3rd, which was mad impressive. People are really fast. Oh well. Its not like I flatted 2 tubulars or anything.
Woke up Sun, and headed to Mingo, the local race here. Felt good. Pouring rain. Flatted front, chased on, flatted rear. Shoot me. Jared and Turner went off the front for the 1,2. I Went and got Coffee with Stubna and Emily.

Taxi drivers are miserable. I rode down in the dark this morning and got a cab. Sitting in the airport parkinglot for hours on end reading books and "the times" (this is what people who only read the NYT call it), I hear a lot of awful conversations.
- Complain about management at yellow cab
- Complain about family
- Complain about penndot.
These are like 90% of the complaints. Today they were complaining that the management had to bring everybody's taxi in TO INCREASE THE METER RATE. Yes, everybody was going to get a 25 cent increase on the start of every fare. Why on earth would they complain about this? They were.

So you get out of the hospital and are too sick/tired/poor to drive or take a bus home. You get a cab voucher. I pull up, you hand it to me and dont really care what happens. I drive you to your house, and you get out. Now I have this thing that I have to fill in. There is the fare and room for a tip. There is NO PROCEDURE as to how to fill it out. I am pretty honest, I do however give myself a 40% or so tip. Is this more honest than giving myself 20% on a fare that I inflated? I dont know.

I got paid 70 dollars to drive luggage 40 miles or so across town. That was freaking sweet.

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Anonymous said...

HBO here. Sucks on the races heard it was a flat fest...... or is it feast. I guess it depends on the view. Flatted twice training this weekend.... must of been in the air tonite. Hey would appriciate(spelt wrong.... don't care) if you would work on having wider slipstream for when I'm following you. I still think you would love a tat of me on your back.