Friday, April 25, 2008

Still getting Bicycling for free.

Dont get me wrong, I LOVE FREE STUFF. However, I got the newest issue of Bicycling mag the other day in the mail. I have been getting them free (as punishment?) for registering for some race or other. I admit that I do read them, as some of the articles are at least interesting. When the first issue arrived, it said that I was going to get 3 issues free. I joked that it was how long it took for them to rerun the same article, kind of like the local news has the same stories every year.

Anyway, the fact that I didnt know who "patrick dempsy" is really took away from the awe of him losing 12 pounds cycling. I thought it was a huge misprint and they forgot a 0 and he was some guy that lost tons of weight riding. No, just some famous guy talking about his 6,000 dollar road bike. The next few pages reminded you that you NEED one too. That was all expected.

The triathlon buyers guide took it to the next level of crapiness. Why would I buy this mag and not a tri mag if I wanted tri stuff? Whatever, slow news week.

It really hit the fan when I was looking at the race wheel guide. Bicycling magazine made me NOT want to look at carbon fiber wheels. How could somebody do this? Well, they ONLY LIST THE WEIGHT IN POUNDS. Seriously? Pounds? With the exponential cost on the high end of grams to dollars, you are seriously going to list a wheel at 1.05 lbs?

Regardless on your feelings of this crazy idea called the metric system, some stuff is better stated when you can get a more accurate reading and relate it to other things. As a total wheel weenie, I cannot tell you what a single pair of my wheels weighs in pounds. I dont get it.

PS. I just built up my new LOOK 585, the bottle cages I went with weigh a scant 0.07055 lbs each!!!!

PPS. Next time you are in the market for buying running shoes, check out bicycling mag, because they dedicated a few pages to it. Awesome.


reverend dick said...

They will send that terrible magazine to you for up to 4 years and try to bill you for it annually. They will ignore comments written in red 1" high marker on the bill stating that you never ordered it nor want it, and then they will ignore curse words, critiques of their articles, and sand and twigs mailed back with the bill. They will MAKE you receive it. Then, after year 4, they will quit sending it.

Cold Calling Guru Jeff Stevenson said...

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Middle Aged Hipster said...

dude, you know you are all over mcdreamy.