Wednesday, June 04, 2008

GDMBR image dump # 2 Wyoming Idaho

Redrock national forest or something.

We met luke on the road where the GDMBR crosses the Transamerican trail. He was 19 years old and 2500 miles into a 5000 mile bike trip. Awesome kid.

This was the first picture he had ever taken with a NON DIGITAL camera. Matt and I realize that he probably thinks that we are old men.

This couple runs a "bike hostel" along the way, right where the two routes seperate.
We were prepared to shell out 30 bucks to sleep inside, shower, eat, drink espresso...

and use the BATHROOM (yes this is the inside of the bathroom that they had built)...
And when we tried paying, they told us its actually free and they just enjoy the company.

We rode off into the rain, and up a 5 mile climb or so. You can see the road below that we switched back from.

At one point, Cowboys kicked us off the road.

As they shuffled cattle from one point in the middle of nowhere to another.

This is Matt in the middle of the Great divide basin. It was like 180 miles without food/water/people. Kind of insane gnarly.
Heading out of a town and into the basin, we hit 35 - 40 degree thunder storms that didnt stop for hours. I had a TFO (total freak out) cause I couldnt feel my hands enough to open my panniers to put on the last bit of clothing that I didnt have on. Matt and I chilled under a tarp to try and avoid hypothermia.

I had a similar TFO yesterday when Amy pointed out that I had bought 1% milk and not skim. I am now very soft.

If you click this, you will see wild antelope running. We also so wild stallions running in the divide. Not wyld stylions but actual untamed horses running free.


9.10.06 Middle of Divide Basin WY - Teton Reservoir WY
111 miles

Got up at camp and made oatmeal and coffee with most of the water we had left. On the road by 8:30. It started out kind of rough - washboard roads and slow sand. We reached a creek on our map in 12 miles, and of course it was dry. Fuck. We rode over the divide, the views were amazing the whole time. Right before the reservoir we saw wild horses running. We scared them into running the opposite direction. All hope was that the reservoir had water in it, or else it was going to be over 90 miles with 3/4 of a bottle. We climbed up and saw a mucky puddle and our hearts sank, but below was a giant pool. It looked like a mirage. We must have sat and filtered/drank water for an hour before heading further south to Rawlins.

From the reservoir we had tailwinds pushing us towards the highway. We could see the highway from over 15 miles out. We had to climb on pavement for the second divide crossing of the day, and Matt and I both big ringed it, which was funny.

All downhill into Rawlins. Shit town. Had to ride across it twice to find groceries. Wanted to call Amy, but didnt want to end up riding at night. The town sucked, and thankfully we decided to push on to the Bureau Land Management campground at a lake 10 miles south of town. It is beautiful. There are men fishing for what might be dinner on their way home from work. Free camping too. We saw lightening during dinner. I hope it holds off.

No services tomorrow for 84 miles.

Can you tell that we are approaching the Colorado border? What is this green stuff?

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