Wednesday, June 11, 2008

JULY 20th Fort Cherry Road Race announcement

Please come out to the Pittsburgh area for the 1st annual Fort Cherry Road Race.
There is no TM after the name. Nobody is trying to get rich off of it. We are just trying to have a nice cycling scene here in Western PA.

56 miles for the 1/2/3 race.
1500 dollars total prize money.
Beautiful course a bit west of Pittsburgh.

July 20th 2008.
Register at BikeReg

When was the last time there was a 50 mile race in Pittsburgh?


Anonymous said...

this race sounds great. except it sucks that the NY state road race championship is on the same day. just south of buffalo. now i have two races in july, except they are on the same date.

mloranty said...

Man the internet really is so small. Glad you could hang with us at Mohican.

We'll be at Stoopid 50 this weekend.