Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tour of Ohio post #1

Two stages in, three to go.
Yesterday's crit was a joke. It was 1/2 mile with 120 guys on it. If you werent in the top 30 after 3 laps, you werent going to be. Then they pulled you. Oh well.

Today was an epic 70ish mile road race. 5 kings of the "hill." Lots of fast rollers and fast dudes. The move was made in the exact same spot as the year before, and again I missed it. I blew way too much energy trying to get into the move once it was gone. I cant believe some teams have literally 8 or 9 guys and werent lining it up at the front to bring them back. They were only a minute down.

Going into the last climb, I was in the 7th place - 20th place group and the "field" caught us. I then got dropped on the last KOM. Holy hell was it hard today. Dudes who were dropped before that hung on to the group for a top 10. Oh well, bike racing.

I cant believe how hilly it was today. The finish time was about the same as last year, but I felt way worse. It was cooler. I vurped all over my face at one point, that was the first time I have ever done that. Not fun. I really thought I was going good right now, but I cant seem to go, even on the hills. There are a few HARD stages left, so hopefully I can pull something out.

Lancaster Ohio is America. There is a town, and 3 miles out of the town there is the shopping district. People drive their trucks to the walmart and mcdonalds to do the shopping, then drive back to town. Walmarts in Pittsburgh are pretty scary, but in rural Ohio, it was astounding how poor and gnarly the people were. Johnturn and I were trying to decide on a pasta sauce, and a random woman who told us "the cheapest is always on the bottom" as if she was sure that is what we were searching for. So poor.


Chris Mayhew said...

She probably took one look at you two and figured you couldn't afford food.

Anonymous said...

Steevo, I notice they had your name listed in the results as Steevo, don't get cheap pasta sauce, you will definately get a ride hampering gut ache that will have a roll-over lasting affect. If you can, find one labeled "all natural" that you can determine to be produced locally by reading the label. Actually, the best way to go is just pasta plain, maybe with a little olive oil, or butter, and an egg and some fresh local honey dew. Trust will be refreshed, alive and ready to bust the fuck out. We had it every morning on the big tour.