Thursday, June 26, 2008

some pretty amazing quotes from the past week.

"Dude... do you know how to cook broccoli?" - Minturn

"Gotlieb is kind of the Erik Zabel of the Pittsburgh peloton... he has been around forever, can sprint, can make the front group and races smart." - Lifson

"I am going to sit in today" - Decanio (most agressive racer ever)pre Tour of Ohio Crit.

"Lets chase down that mother f'ing yellow jersey" - Same Decanio, no more than 25 minutes later

"why are your teeth so big?" - Ramazani to me

"and then I was telling the stripper about my girlfriend and she said to bring her to the club sometime" - I will leave this anonymous

"Man, why aint you racin in the tour of pennsylvania man? you got the outfit man. you look sharp, I like that outfit man." - neighborhood crackhead / wino who might not know what year it is, but does know that there is an elite bike race happening right now. This goes to show how well they did with the advertising.


Gerry and Andy said...

Steve, nice blog entry, as always. Hey, any plans to go up to MTB Nats in Vermont since you qualified? If so, contact me. I might be able to help you with a ride if you can get to Philly. - Gerry

gary said...

minturn rules.

Lenore said...

but damn... he knows how to cook potatoes