Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Well after my crap day,all that was left of the TofOH was just a crit and a RR, which I finished or whatever. Oh well.

Some amazing things from the week:

- The tour of Ohio was an ABR race. This means non USA Cycling. ABR is grassroots midwest bike racing. The joke the entire week was that there were "no rules." It all came to fruition during the start of the Crit when the Chief official officially announced that there were indeed "no rules" regarding stage race times, and we would default to the USAC equation for dropped riders. No rules!

- The last stage had some "weather warnings" which turned into 50 mph winds and lightening strikes all around. We could literally see the lightening strikes and the thunder was close enough to feel it in my chest. I watched at least one dude get BLOWN in to the ditch on the side of the road.

-Decanio is maybe the most aggressive rider ever. Without knowing the course at all, he attacked the neutral roll out of the road stage, and attacked and attacked and attacked and then probably realized how bad of an idea it was around the 4th or 5th KOM. He also attacked the breakaway that he was in. All of this enforced the enigma that he is and was compounded by the Joe Papp trash talk on his website. We pretty much spent the entire weekend google stalking him and waiting for website updates.

- If you have ever taken your car to a junk yard thinking that it was dead, it probably was then taken to Ohio and is still being driven today. Duct tape is ok for windows and bumpers are optional. ABR probably runs the DMV too.


Mike said...

yeah ohio has no yearly state vehicle inspection . . . there are some serious jalopies driving around

bafouche said...

Next year do tour of washington county, so much better.

Anonymous said...

I believe I saw Decanio "The Commander" as fierst comment on Mike Sayers blog about Sayers rant regarding the legitimacey of Papp's self hyped "professional" status. He called him out as one to talk about dopin'.