Sunday, July 06, 2008

Maybe one of the most depressing things ever.

While riding her bike across the country in 2005, Amy met a man who gave her the best advice anybody could give a cross country cyclist. "People are going to ask you if you are afraid of strangers. People are going to ask you if you are carrying a gun. People are not your enemies, cars are. Be very careful of cars."

And so it goes. A father with his partner and two children, all riding across Canada to raise money for diabetes were all hit by a car. The adults died, and the kids were injured.

Their blog, which was apparently being hosted by national geographic Canada said the following:
"[H]e and his family are making the Ride of a Lifetime, a cross-Canada fundraising bike trip to raise $500,000 for diabetes research and to show that diabetes doesn’t have to stop people from living an active lifestyle."

... Neither should fear of cars goddamn it.

Their blog.

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