Sunday, July 06, 2008

So many things happen and you make note of them, then you forget.

Sometimes stuff happens and I make a mental note hoping to blog about it. I usually forget. Yesterday and the day before had so many.

Last night, Amy and I walked to the Lawrenceville Independence day celebration. We took some of the Somalis and met up with more there. Im guessing the total was about 30 kids. The mother of some of the kids, Ruekia, was communicating with Amy as we grabbed the kids. I say communicating because she has the vocabulary of a 4 or 5 year old.

"Go to doctor. You have no baby. Go to doctor."

Its funny, because she is actually the mother of one of the only children I have ever been around that has made me actually want kids of my own. RAMAZANI! He and I bro'ed down pretty hard last night. I was there for his questions. For a 4 year old, they were pretty good.
- "Will the fireworks hit the moon?"
- "Can airplanes go to the moon?"
- "Do rockets go to the moon?"
- "are rockets airplanes?" (I see a lawyer in the future.)
- "Is it going to rain (after fireworks) because of the clouds (smoke)?"
- "are you going to sleep after the fire works?"
- "did you ride baskeelee (bicycle) here?"

There were about 2 million other questions that just made no sense. They mostly revolved around fear of lightening bugs, how Frisbees work, how lightening bugs work, why mosquitoes drink blood, how mosquitoes see at night without lights etc.

BIKE RACING - One of the most inversely proportional things as far as doing to reading about goes. (Except live coverage and Tim Krabbe novels)

WVMBA race to little Moe's place.
Crazy fast start. No warm up for us, as we got there 30 minutes prior to start. I had 5 hours in my legs from Friday, which isnt an excuse, I think I would have finished in the same spot if I hadnt, it just made it harder.

It was so freaking muddy, it was like riding in a fun house. You had to steer left to go right. It was like being drunk in a fun house made of LSD, while being blindfolded and occasionally the floor drops out from under you.

Thought process: "Dont dab, damnit be cool, cyclocross remount. ok now you are rolling. damnit cyclocross remount. dont throw your bike. stop being a baby. how was gunnar riding with his bike perpendicular to the trail? seriously, off camber muddy rock gardens? I hate running. I hate walking up hill. I hate my plantars warts. I should have done the MASS race. how long until Justin P catches me? 2 laps would have been way more awesome. you are blown, just quit. I hate the heat. I hate sweating. How come I cant suffer like this on the road anymore? "

4th place. Dick spot. (This is the first place to not get money... anybody need a Deore rear derailer... I know a guy with one)

I also want to make a note to the woman in the pink jersey. I was racing along in my 22x32, anaerobically spinning up a climb that was muddy as hell, had rocks sticking out, was off camber, I think there were elves shooting arrows at me too.

I muster out a "left." It might not have sounded like anything more than a grunt.
She is walking her bike, already a bit off the trail. I pass her.
It was seriously like 4 minutes earlier that I had considered throwing my bike. It was one of the most frustrating races ever. Until her, most of my passing had been on the flats and consisted of "left, thanks bro" or "left, thanks a ton man." etc. I was riding, she was walking, so by RULES she had to yield to me AND she was a lap or two down. I wanted a reason to quit, and considered turning around to go back and tell her what I really thought of her and her attitude.

Instead, I will just write it here. We are all frustrated in the mud. Being mean to others does not dry the trails. Being mean to people who are better than you as they pass makes you look super insecure and jealous. You are one or two laps down, maybe watch how the people passing you are taking lines and learn to ride a bike better rather than being so negative and bringing down the entire vibe of the race.
Or if you want to continue to be a total dick, start (or go back to) road racing. ZING!

Towards the end, I saw the fast dudes about to win, and was happy they hadnt finished yet, cause I had figured they were going to beat me by like 9 minutes. Maybe they did.

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