Sunday, July 27, 2008

Maybe some good can come from the bad.

I got an email from Ruggs today.

A friend of his has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and has since gone blind from it.
Joe is riding the 7 springs solo race to raise money for his friend's family.
Maybe Joe can raise enough money to ease a fraction of the burden on the family.
The link has a lot more information including easy ways to donate (100% will go directly to the family). This could happen to anybody reading this or anybody you love. Life is really hard sometimes, and it is easy to ignore hard times that others go through.

I have seen some "elite bike racers" who have paypal donation things on their blogs for people to help them out with race entries and travel. That is ridiculous. However if everybody who reads this post tomorrow (it seems blog traffic goes up Mondays when everybody goes back to work and wants to read about the previous weekend's bike racing) donates 1 single dollar, it will be close to 200 bucks and we can all feel good about ourselves.

I will post about the wilderness 101 later.


fatmarc said...

the link isn't working.
can you correct?


steevo said...

Thanks FM

Joe Ruggery said...

Thanks for linking to the site Steevo!

Anonymous said...

Donation made...

E.M. Hollyloft Cycling team

Anonymous said...

Donation sent; you're a great friend Joe, crush it in the race.

Sean E.

thanks for linking us to this great cause Steevo

Anonymous said...

i feel good about myself already