Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Clearly Mr. Rogers fault.

For those not in the know, Mr Rogers was from Pittsburgh. He lived off of Frew st by CMU and filmed at WQED. The set to the kingdom is still there, and if you use the bathroom or water fountain while messengering you get to see it. King Friday and all.
Amy saw him one day in Schenley park and almost cried. She just said "Hi Mr Rogers."

I am glad that fox news also confirmed that he is in heaven, I was losing sleep over that.


Miss. Bea Havin said...

Joe Negri used to play for free every Thursday night when I lived in Pittsburgh.... at the galleria mall.

Urban Jeff said...

Fox News hires idiots.

On a positive note, Fred Rogers was an awesome, stand-up dude. I had once read about him testifying before congress to support funding for PBS.

I looked him up on Wikipedia just now ( and was intrigued to read that he also testified in court in favor of the VCR back in 1979. He felt that the benefit of families being able to record his show and watch it later (when it was convenient to watch it together) outweighed the potential loss of revenue to the television and motion picture industry.

I also know that my old roommate used to see him when he delivered to WQED. Mr. Rogers once offered him some of his popcorn.

Rest in peace, Mr. Rogers.

ds said...

Sometimes I think that the writers at Colbert and The Onion just pay Fox news commentators to write down their thoughts about topical issues. The comedy writers then make skits and funny articles from the material provided by the Fox people, which was not meant to be a joke.

You couldn't make some of that stuff up if you tried.

Jason said...

Dear God I hate Fox. I mean this isn't even funny. They just suck. I watched Mr.Rogers and I'm damn sure there is NOTHING special about me.

Maybe this is some sort of Right Wing humor that I don't get? Who knows?

Rock on Mr. R., Rock on!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rogers exudes the qualities required to be a champion of an entire generation. Pittsburgh is the city of champions, where hard work is the only thing that gets rewarded. It is who we are.

Just go suck an egg you clueless bunch of jackasses.