Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Here is to your 10,000 dollar bike.

We are constantly told what we NEED to buy. While I was at a rest stop this weekend, there was a commercial on the muzak or whatever, and I was forced to look at an ad for a store while I stood there doing my business. Sometimes advertising can be overwhelming, sometimes it is downright comical. It works though.

Even with bikes. Fast dudes are given fancy nice stuff and they do well on it. People who want to be fast dudes then feel as if they need the fancy nice stuff to also do well, and then they buy it. But the fact is, the fast dudes are probably going to do well on just about anything.

Sunday was Battenkill. The race was insane. 125 miles. 170 starters. 10,000' of climbing. Tons of dirt roads. Lots of fast dudes. Lots of DNF's.

A guy who is between teams right now, and raced with us on Haymarket Bikes placed 6th. I honestly feel that this is proof that you dont need a crazy fancy bike. He raced this, which would maybe fetch 800 bucks on ebay? (minus the powertap)

I was kind of embarrassed to take pictures, so it had to be discreet.

- cannondale cad whatever frame (no number.... hmm?)
- yes there is 10 speed, essential for the wheel changes at Battenkill
- SHIMANO 600 brakes/cranks. This stuff is from before I raced.
- make note of the duct tape above the brake bridge. Rowley guessed it to be for a fender or tail light.

I will guess that the weight difference between this and the lightest bike in the pack was about 7 pounds.



Anonymous said...

Awesome, now I don't feel so bad about racing my 5 year old bike with all its dents and scratches against guys in some silly Cat 4/5 race whose friggin wheels are worth than my entire bike when it was brand new.

I love bikes, but really sometimes it just gets ridiculous.

Good job Steevo.

cox said...

The duct tape is for fenders, good guess. A must have for VT winters.

Funny story, the bike didn't have 10 speed until last week. And he was still winning races on it. Awesome.

geronimok said...

I know that bike. SmartFuel/Team GMBC (for Green Mountain Bicycle Club) custom Cannondale CAAD 6? I'm pretty sure. Chadd and I were fitted by Guys' bike shop in philly and the specs were sent in to Cannondale, everyone on the team had it done. Driscoll and I were talking about his sled during the race.
The year? I think it was 1998?

geronimok said...

I just looked at the second pic, GMBC is on the top tube. Looks like it says CAAD 4?

Anonymous said...

I'm with you in spirit, but I note the $2000 powertap, so it's not like he's a total Fred.