Monday, April 20, 2009

Tour of bottlle kill... battenkill... roubaix... Your 10,000 dollar bike

Saturday. 82 mile road race. pro/1 field.
Dudes went APESHIT on the first climb. I really didnt think that I was going to finish at mile 5. Saturday we had a 20 mile bonus loop before doing the 62 mile loop. The break got away and stayed away from there. We noodled for 60 miles then started racing with like 8 miles to go. I think the break put an hour into us. I was a one man show, so I wasnt about to chase at all, however there were a few 8+ man shows who didnt chase either. I think Joe Whitman chased harder than an entire team. Maybe I dont understand bike racing?

Anyway, there was no denotation that I can remember until 1k to go. I had to go by RPT (real perceived time) since I was going commando (no cycle computer) since my powercrap would not work in cyclecomputer mode. I had to rely on Colin and Adam from gpoa for updates on distance.

Guys were attacking. I sprinted figuring that I would get the dick spot (first spot not paying) which was 21st. I got 22nd. HA!

Ill post about sunday later with some pictures.
Topping the list is my "teammate" (in quotes cause I did nothing to contribute short of saying "hey bro.. you need anything?" like twice. ) Jamie Driscol was riding a bike with shimano 600 components and a frame that was maybe 8 years old. He got 6th. Pictures soon.

Oh yeah, anybody who has done the Iron Cross.... You know when you are going downhill at like 100 miles per hour and the road is dirt and you keep thinking about how you are going to die? ... OK now imagine that on road bikes.


Lenore said...

see i knew it... ironcross is comparable to bkill. good job steevo!! i'll send you the picture i took of you in the bathroom soon.

Anonymous said...


Next year I'm going to this...I'll start watching for Pre-Reg next week. Hold me to this...I want to race Battenkill and I've got a seat available.