Monday, April 13, 2009

The Hell of the North Hills.

I have very few memorable Easter Sundays. In 2003 I was with my number one girl riding across Germany. OOSTER SOONTAG, which was also 4/20. Awesome.

Yesterday was memorable. I made the podium of the PGH Roubaix. There were 4 starters and we made the route up as we went. Aaron, Babik, Patty, Me. We hit a bunch of dirt roads north of the city including: Old Mill, Rawlins Run, Old Mill (other half), Shaefer Run, Cedar Run, Shephard, and the classic ghost road Dellenbaugh.

For those not in the know, ghost roads are roads that were once there, and then are no longer maintained but are still passable.

Only three of us were left as we crossed the bridge to do our 1.5 laps on the Washington Blvd oval. Its crazy to think that Friedman was racing on the oval not so long ago, and then he was actually in Roubaix yesterday. Sick.

Babik attacked the hell out of me on Washington Blvd and soloed 50 yards in front of me for the win. There was one single spectator on the bleachers. I think she was reading a newspaper. The three of us laughed about how we are 30 year olds (at least Babik is) playing make believe on a Sunday afternoon. Good times.

Next weekend: A real race. Hopefully I last long enough to have a blog post about it.


Anonymous said...

...think WIN!!!

El Dolor said...

We're looking for you on the podium Sunday. Bring your game face.