Thursday, April 12, 2007

I work hardly at all. Amy works 60 hours a week.

Amy works too hard. She has 3 jobs. 1 job is a teacher for public schools. 500 students, 2 different schools. grades k - 8. Yes kindergarteners and 8th graders sit in the same art seats. Weird huh? She teaches an after school program, and works the weekends as a waitress. She is also the official at the crits, which is kind of like a 4th job. She has kids who are blind, MR (mentally retarded), adhd, and other things These are all in the same classes. One kid looked her in the eyes and called her a "faggot."
Well right when the job couldnt have gotten worse, this happens.

"Bomb Squad Called To Local Elementary School"
2:30 PM UPDATE: Chopper 11 shows students and parents outside at the
far end of the school.

2:05 PM UPDATE: Pittsburgh Public Schools spokeswoman Ebony Pugh told
Channel 11 a car drove by and someone threw a homemade device, wrapped
in duct tape, into the rear parking lot of the school. School
officials are keeping the kids and staff inside the building. They are
continuing with class as normal, but will delay dismissal if

She cant leave work because all the teacher's cars are in the lot where the bomb squad is. Poor her, after standing in the rain last night at the crit.

You think Krall diggler, owning sportsbalm and all, would have sacked up and ridden in the rain last night right? I guess he didnt want to clean his bike twice in a week. Weak.

Also, I recently found a bunch of Pilates, Yoga, and Swiss ball exercises on youtube. Pretty sweet. If you are still paying to go to a yoga class, just admit that you are really just going to look at girls.


Anonymous said...

Dude it is time to suck it up and quit riding that tricycle and get a job.
Dirk really owns SB.... I'll have to talk to him. Hey!! cleaning bikes sucks.... thats why I don't mountain bike.

GIRLS!!!!!...... yea.

Anonymous said...

Yea tru dat...just think you could still be doing this:


Anonymous said...

Boy, Cheryl is going to be surprised she's there for the girls.

-Mail order

Matt! said...

duh, of course it's for the girls.