Wednesday, April 18, 2007

1 more thing about mt joy. and the MS ride.

Some kid (possibly the puttter in the dirt) PISSED HIMSELF during the race. Sure when it was 40 degrees and raining at Bear Mountain, I let it go. Nobody knew and I was in "the nicoll position" (back of the field) so nobody got wet. In the cold rain, it felt like a massage. However, when it is 50 degrees and sunny, people are going to notice, especially when you are getting YOUR PISS on THEM. There were like 3 places where you could totally pee on that course. WTF?

The ladylove and I are going to do the MS 150 charity ride thing. Im planning on eating at least 300 dollars worth of free clif bars all weekend. If anybody wants to donate like 5 dollars towards it, my explanation of how many clif bars I am going to eat is here: On my donation page! Amy's page is here


Anonymous said...

I have totally see guys piss them self. WTF I've tried to do it once but I need a glass of water to pour to start it.

Anonymous said...

Also you may want to rephrase the "nicoll position". You're already wearing spandex.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the MS tour. One time racing with Boyd we were working him over. He got all pissed off'd scream to everyone that wasn't no f-ing MS tour. My buddy "Showtime" told that his brother has MS and he did like his comment. Like 2 years later I found out that he believed him. Oh and speaking about Boyd I wondered what happened to him.
Look at the womens result.... #35.