Monday, April 30, 2007


After hurting on the climb yesterday I get this sponsored link:

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Everybody on the team this weekend has a coach but me. 2 dudes are coaches, 2 of them have srm's. I guess this is the next level? great. I have like 9 more years until I can even start doing masters races.

How does cycling not have TONS of sponsorship money?? Nascar does, and Im going to say the average nascar fan makes a LOT less money than the average cycling enthusiast. Sure, there are more of them, but do they really need to be reminded to buy Tide for 10 hours straight or whatever?

Example: Dudes having SPARE DEEP DISH CARBON WHEELS in the wheel pit for the ephrata crit. Yes, I have a pair. Yes they are fast.But come on. If dudes have enough money sitting around to buy 2500 dollar wheels every year, Im sure they have other expendable income for car wax, or disposable couches or something abusrd.

Pittsburgh was voted the most livable city again this year! OH YES! Unless a judge orders otherwise, smoking will be banned in all restaurants starting tomorrow. Does this mean that I will leave my house? Probably not. However, Madmex sends you a coupon for a free meal on your birthday if you fill out their survey. I will go to madmex for free.

Danny Chew: the cheapest man alive?
Ok - he has 20,000 miles on his current chain. He saves the 4 spare links when he has when he puts a new chain on, and then makes a chain out of them ever 200,000 miles or whatever. That makes sense.
However this is just amazing. On the 11th of every month he calls up AOL. "hello I have been using your free trial software, and I simply cannot afford to to pay for the monthly service fee. Please cancel my subscription without billing me."
On the 12th of every month "Hello I got a CD for a free trial subscription. I am interested in your product and would like to try a free month trial."
He has been doing this for SEVEN YEARS.

Will there be a coupon for free ice cream in the goodie bag from turkey hill this year? please please please!!!


Anonymous said...

Please print out for one free tattoo of me on your back.

Anonymous said...

Who were those hot blonde chicks with you at the pizza joint in Ephrata? That chick with "ROSS" on her ass was silly.

steevo said...

16 years old dude. 16.

David said...

he get's 20,000 miles out of a chain? i don't get that out of car tyres, let along anything on my bike. (aside from my sweet blue bib shorts that you can almost see though)