Monday, April 16, 2007

The slums Im from

Does the kid who put me into the dirt on the climb during Mount Joy on Saturday know that in the last year there have been 2 double homicides and 1 6 alarm arson fire within 1 block of my house? Has he seen my THUG LIFE tattoos?
No but seriously, I thought we were supposed to be gentrifying this neighborhood? Come on already.

I finished 100% of my bicycle races this weekend. Holy hell. Compare that to 0% from 2 weeks ago!
Mount Joy Summary: Little hill grew every lap. Not as much wind as last year. Ramon thought that I was HACKER! ("Whoah Hacker got so skinny!!") Douchebag puts me in the dirt on the last climb. I ride the dirt and get back in. Downhill field sprint, where I place the same as last year, last in the field.

The professor had to ride to the race, and home, according to his coach. We got home at 9pm from Mt Joy, Up at 6am. Pancakes and metallica. 40 degree rain for 2 hours. We get there and race in 37 degree rain. Emily drove down to race and brought us hot chocolate and dry race clothes. Professor flats in the first 10 minutes. I spent like an hour and a half with Jared and Turner chasing a british time trialist. It was made harder when turner flatted. Last in the 3 man break. I was supposed to ride home, but I did not sack up at all and totally took a ride. Mike didnt quite know how to get home and took the ride too. I went from what Chew would call HEROIC to not even getting the century. So Mike's coach, and my mentor will both be let down


Anonymous said...

Damn if want a thug life tat put me on your back!!!! What are you waiting for???? If you don't want to be put in the dirt put some weight on and bang bars. Or do this once and no one will mess with you; jump on his back like a monkey and take'm out. No one will mess with you again. At least I wouldn't I'd be like "man that little dude is crazy..... f with him and jump on your back like a crazed monkey". HBO
So is Dan Stait back in town?

steevo said...

Different brittish TT guy, though he knows staite!

Soupie said...

it's tough hood, yo. How far from the compound is hardin st. I saw the cop cars but that is it.

Anonymous said...

we agree with HBO. get the tat.