Monday, April 09, 2007

t500 runs again

I took apart my oldest and most awesome bike last fall to do my "great divide" trip. I put it back together today. cannondale t500. 8 speed bar end shifters, low gear of 32x32.
I bought it and rode it from Pittsburgh to Seattle in 2001. Then across The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, The Czech Republic and into Poland, then Back to Germany in 2003. I rode the Pittsburgh - DC trail on it. It has racks and fenders and sometimes has hauled a BOB trailer.
I started working as a bike messenger on it in 2001, but then caught the cool guy bug and bought a real actual road bike.
My dispatcher borrowed it in 2004 and managed to get it stolen while he went in to get a 6 pack.A year later Brett Brody and I were riding home from our all too awesome jobs at Jet when I saw some kid ride past on it. We turned around and Brett was the muscle and I took my bike back from the kid. He offered to ride it to my house for me, but I said "you are done riding this bike." I just held the stem and rode the rest of the way home, leaving that kid standing there with his helmet on and his U-lock in hand. It is my steady errand runner, rainy day rider and future tour hopeful.
I actually finished a bike race this weekend! HIGH OF 28 degrees in April!! 20 something mile ride there, 20 something mile race, 20 something miles back in a partial whiteout. 80 something mile day. Only Mayhew and myself did the full roundtrip. Danny Chew told me that he was proud. My buddy Minturn took the W. I felt bad for Chris Cioccio. We put the hurt on him so bad that he faked a flat. 3 gpoa nerds attacking jake was like the end of braveheart, he just wouldnt give up and you just wanted to hear "MERCY!!!" but he fought and fough. Gnarly.

Today is Dingus Day. According to 1 of the 4 polish people that I know, it means that boys dump water on girls, or shoot them with squirt guns. Very interesting.


Anonymous said...

We here at HBO did not realize that your are so we'll traveled. That is very cool. Would love to hear about those trips. The European one sounds awesome.
We're glad to see that you classify yourself as a nerd. I heard a new term this week oriented more for computer geeks called "Ass burger". Thought it was a funny term but I don't see the relation to computer geeks.
That Minturn guy is wreaking havoc. Don't feel bad for Argentina he just had belly button removed 2 weeks ago. Never would a country fake a flat but maybe an orgasm or 2. The Jake..... in time it will pay off as he rises from the ashes and spread his wings of destruction and all will pay for thier.... sorry there listening to a new radio station. Makes me start to ramble.
Well it is Dingus Day and I have hot polish girl here so...... all smiles see you next mile.

Anonymous said...

Hey by the way a year later how do you know it was your bike? Was the define marks did you have the s/n#. Or maybe you jacked it off some kid. He had a helmet and U lock you said. I never saw a bike thief with a U lock and helmet. What's with that does Stevo have the ability to come to the dark or does it already control you. MMMMMMNNNNN!!!

Soupie said...

I splashed the female i wish to court with water, what did you do on dingus day? Don't forget the trading of Psanki eggs and getting wasted.

jeremy said...

awesome stories about the t500 dude. that thing was old in 2001.. it's watched its buddies die face down in the muck so that you and i could enjoy this family restaurant.

the t700 is currently in use by the little brother as a day commuter from squirrel hill to squirrel hill. it too shall live again.