Monday, June 25, 2007


Day 6 used to be a brutal road race. I wish.

Instead we had a 36 mile crit that we finished in 1:15. 29mph. It was stupid fast and just required not crashing to finish, although moving up sucked and a top 10 for me was unobtainable. 23rd on GC.

Oh well, good times, I regret not trying to bridge up to Minturn's move on the hilly day, I was the first person over the climb and got lazy / didnt want to chase a teammate. Also should have been more ready for that finish. Oh well.

Next year hopefully they have a time trial or something to sort out the 25 people tied for 8th place, myself included.

This is kind of zen like fortune cookie type stuff but: A bar with a stage and poles, but not dancers is not a gentleman's club.

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gary ! said...

dude, that sounds like rocco's basement on haley...