Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Oh hi hi oh.

Tour of Ohio.
Day 1. We rolled to wapakonetta. This is 25 miles or so from the Indiana border... Long drive. The highway turned into a 2 lane country road with a 55 mph speed limit. When I was a young trouble maker we used to drive to Ft Wayne Indiana to ride bmx trails on this road. We used to wind down the windows of the left side of the car and drive close to the yellow line and see how hard the trucks would push the 88 plymouth reliant K car.
Anyway, we were pretty surprised to find out there were 127 starters. 1k crit, 70 laps, 40 miles. It was such a tight course and there was no stretch that was longer than 50 meters, I think there were 8 turns all 90 degree. It wasnt so bad. Fast dudes attacked and counter attacked. I was just thinking "s/t... s/t..." which I was able to do pretty easily. I called amy and told her that I was tied for 4th... and 115th. Sweet.
We are in the company of awesome people who are letting us stay at their house. Nice place that is on the tour de grandview course. Pancakes and coffee, air conditioning, all the things I look for while vacationing.

Torrential down pouring 30 minutes before the race started wasnt sweet. Minturn convinced me to ride my tubulars anyway, well see if the tires flat. They will. The rain cleared and we got rolling.
The race was a 50 mile circuit race with some brutal hills. The finish was at the top of a hill on the kenyon college campus. 2 laps in I was what I thought mid pack, maybe 40th, and I look back and Im on the back... where did everybody go? Race race race attacks, breakaways, they got brought back, etc.

Minturn, Turner and I decided we arent here to win the overall (surprise) however we are here to have fun and make friends. Today I got 2 friends. I could possibly link a blog later this week of a person who is in the race that I might become friends with.

On lap 2 I thought about how I would rather actually be working on my house than riding 40mph through the windiest course in pouring rain.

Minturn got 10th place today, 10 bucks into the race bank account!!!

Awesome Ed held down the team car in the caravan, and nearly got into a fist fight. sweet.


steevo said...
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amy said...

If you were at home working on the house, then you would be complaining to me- "man, I wish I was riding my bike."

how often do you get to race a 6 day stage race? Enjoy it!

Besides, there will be plenty of work for you to do on the house when you get home!

Anonymous said...

Those Tim Tyler races will make you guys rich.