Friday, June 22, 2007

T.O.O stage 5.

While Niner the Whiner and Amy were at home building a closet and rewiring my house, I was sitting at a coffee shop and racing my bike.
Man today could have been such a hard course. We only did 4 laps, which I am going to complain about a bit, because we were able to average 27mph with a 1 mile climb. I just wish there would have been more attrition. A & F controlled it, not letting anything get away, and just taking it down to a field sprint. It makes so much sense on their part to do that for the yellow jersey, but it kind of sucks for everybody else, because they have enough strong guys that they can bring just about anything back. They have 10 guys in the field. Oh well, I guess we should have just attacked them more or something.
Johnturn tried riding away from the field, turner was in a break, I attacked on the hill. Etc Etc. I thought I managed a top 20 , but got 26th. The sprint was weird, there was no leadout, no nothing, just kind of a finish. Oh well.

We have had some AWESOME sunsets during our drives home (all races are at like 5 at night, then we eat then we drive home). Tonight's drive involved lots of the Wu Tang Clan. sweet.

Tomorrow is the last day. I am in second to last of my group of dudes who all have the same time. It is filtered by best finish (mine is 26th), sucks. I need a top 10 in a 4 corner flat crit to get a better overall result. Bummer.

Sorry if there are more spelling errors than usual, mac's dont have the built in spellcheckthing on the blogger site. OH WAIT, THERE IS A LINE UNDER SPELLCHECKTHING... hmm?

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