Friday, June 01, 2007


So my dad calls me last week and asks me to drive up and help him move to Colorado. Not a bad deal, I have to pack him up and drive his car, while he drives a uhaul. His car has no radio or clock.

There is a big sticker on the window that says "Radio does not work if removed from car".... Some smart guy removed it. Jagoff.

Saginaw is like flordia. Its hot, smells bad and is a flat grid. People ride crappy bikes to the liquor stores. I met a kid at a race in ohio from near here. I said "my dad lives in Saginaw" he said "Saginasty." He was pretty right on I guess.

On the upside of my dad being transfered to Colorado is that I will get to ride in Fort Collins for a few days when we finally get there. The drive across Nebraska will make me appreciate it more.

Ohio turnpike: There are very few "emergencey pull off" spots compared to PA. Anybody who has travelled with me knows how that is a bad thing. I drank 2 liters of water on the trip up and was DYING.

Blue Moon last night: A blue moon is when there are 2 full moons in one calandar month. Rare.


Bryan Routledge said...

This song was already in my head. I do not know why. Since you have no radio, might was well sing this puppy over and over again...

let us be lovers well marry our fortunes together
Ive got some real estate here in my bag
So we bought a pack of cigarettes and mrs. wagner pies
And we walked off to look for america
kathy, I said as we boarded a greyhound in pittsburgh
michigan seems like a dream to me now
It took me four days to hitchhike from saginaw
Ive gone to look for america

Anonymous said...

I'm a native pittsburger living in Denver for the past 20 years. Great race in Fort Collins coming up this weekend if your interested.

steevo said...

I rode the course, but Im leaving thursday. Awesome road race course. DO IT!

New Spice said...

Fry lives in Ft. Collins.

email me for his #...he'll tell you where to score.