Tuesday, June 26, 2007

1/2 for the Divide race

The riders in the great divide race have just crossed the great divide basin which is basically 160 miles of desert with nothing around. There was a reseviour that had some water like 100 miles into it. That was nice.

However, they have crossed it and are now in the town of Rawlins, Wyoming. This is their blog post
"And, we're going to find something to drink and think about sleeping arrangments. It's kind of a sketchy place to sleep in the ditch,"

I just want to say that: yes they are riding the thing in like 26 days. However, Matt and I had to sit and hide from a couple of dudes in Rawlins who pulled up in some crappy car and SMOKED CRACK for like 10 minutes in the parkinglot where we threw our bivy sacks.
Im going to have to do a general callout for the racers of the great divide mountain bike route to sack up. I mean you are riding all night in Grizzly country, but you are afraid of some cowboys? come on.


Matt! said...
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Matt! said...

haha. Imagine if we weren't carrying so much food? I think you are right: our output probably surpasses people with less stuff doing it faster. But, they are probably spending more than $7 on lodging in 4 weeks. ha.
You coming out for this race?
Everest Challenge
I'll put you up.