Friday, June 08, 2007

FC / screw travelling.

Fort Collins hosts a wednesday worlds like every other place. Bunch of people start, few finish and there is a sprint. Brutal winds coming at you at all times. Fast dudes wearing pro kits participating.

I figured that since FC was kind of nice and there are tons of people riding bikes, I would check out the good will for some sweet cycling or patagonia stuff.
- 2 dollars for a sweet biemme Kostriker beer jersey (old german pro team?)
- 4 for louis garneau vest that is heavy weight!!!

Travelling on somebody else's watch is the worst. I had to sit next to a 300+ pound person on the plane. He was so big that I couldnt plug my headphones into the jack on the arm thing because his stomach was hanging over it. I was also unable to put my tray down! Literally. Good thing they charged me 65 bucks to crack my hard bike case. jagbags.

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