Monday, February 11, 2008

Blogs: the good, the bad, the ugly.

I will admit that I am a blog junkie. I use google reader to subscribe to RSS feeds and get immediate updates. I am subscribed to so many cyclist's blogs that I think I could sit in for them on a few writings and get away with it. Cyclists have a few categories of blogs.

"-I enjoy riding blog": I would hope that my blog fits in here when I post about riding. Just happy to be outside cruising around with friends. Eternal optimist. Anybody posting about group rides, just stoked to be there enjoying life. Geronimo does a good job at it. Hebe is king of hitting fresh snow. Anybody who is enjoying this "training" thing is a good read in my book.

"-Im the only one training blog": Doing 2x20's on the trainer sucks, as does riding in the 20 degree weather. Why post about it? Every bike racer is "training" right now, not just these dudes. However these dudes are logging screen shots as if the readers of blogger all want to be their personal coaches. Seriously if all you have going on in your life is your wattage at threshold, maybe you shouldnt really have a blog? You might be better off riding one hour less per week, sitting on a park bench observing children and and writing about that. The stories that you see will be a million times more interesting than an amateur cyclist's watts to kilo.
Bottom line, if you think that you are the only one training, 90% of the field from your first race of the year is also training. The only people who are going to think you "are crazy for riding in this weather" are the cars passing you. If you ask for their opinions on other things; they probably voted for Bush, they think you are a homosexual, they exercise 1 hour per month and they think a salad from McDonalds is health food. Good job bud.

"-Here is a picture of me and my new stuff blog:" Wow a company gives you free stuff and you are going to take a picture of yourself using it and post it on blogger so I can see it? Not only are you crazy enough to ride in this snow, but you are doing it on your new free stuff and you want me to see it? CRAZYYYY! Mayhew and I were joking about it yesterday, nobody wants to see your snot covered face in 20 degree snow flurries. I bet there are actually some nice views along your ride, stop looking at your SRM for 30 seconds and actually enjoy it. I would much rather see a photo of a funny street sign, a red tailed hawk, or a blown over trailer park than your face at the same angle with a slightly different blurry backdrop each day. Please stop posting these images you megalomaniac. (Wow I just spelled that without a red line under it.)


Jason said...

I promise no more snot shots, stuff shots, or talk of what I can only vaguely call training on my blog.

OK, I can't promise that. I'm too big a nerd and I doubt any is really readng it anyway.

Lenore said...

I'm not sure what category mine fits in...

Chris Mayhew said...

You're just pissed you can't blog about your power numbers because your powermeter craps out every time you go hard. By that I mean every time you go super hard on a hill I get dropped like the Birmingham bridge and you can't look at my screen to asstimate what your numbers are.

Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

man - you guys are fags.


Matt! said...

Steevo you are a really good writer. Go with it. You also make my 'Top 5 funniest people I know' list.

Anonymous said...

+1 to what matt said. I told Kirby when I left the 'burgh that your future is in writing my brotha


Anonymous said...

Speaking of cycling blogs, you ought to add Bike Snob NYC to your links. The guy kills me. Especially his "worst CraigsList bike ads".
Check it out.