Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A whole region in a bad mood.

Well Saturday was a long ride. We headed out from the Coffee Tree in Mt Lebo where the mtlccc had left from hours earlier.

Who else got 3 free issues of Bicycling magazine? The Mt Lebo Cycling and Caffeine club got a shout out in it. Im glad that I get 3 free issues, because every other issue is the same, so I will read the first one, read the second one, then realize while reading the third that it is actually the same as the first.
"Rock hard abs in 72 seconds while learning to spring like Lance" by Chris Carmichael.

Anyway, the ride was hard and fast and we are so cool cause we had on team kits blah blah. But the people were just so irritable. Maybe it was that as armchair coaches, their beloved Steelers were not playing the next day. Maybe the lack of sunlight this winter is finally starting to wear on people. Scratch that one. Where we ride, people dont leave their houses, except in cars to drive places to buy stuff. I am sure that the neon lights are still on at wal mart.

Stopped at the T intersection of 519 and route 50, for a 45 second discussion on which way to go to get 4.5 hours of riding in, a man turning left onto 519 informed us that there is a parking lot where we nearby where we should stand. Fine, we were taking up some space on the road and not moving, there were no cars around and we weren't holding anybody up. In fact, we were CYCLISTS STOPPED AT A STOP SIGN! This was possibly the first time in history cyclists were yelled out for obeying the law.
"ok thanks" honest first response
"maybe you shouldnt stand in the middle of a highway.."
"umm if you think this is a highway you must live on a dirt road..."
The man's conversation not only prolonged our stopping time at the intersection, but also proved that we could sit there another minute without holding up any traffic, because there were no cars around, because we are in the middle of nowhere.

At least two instances of people going the other direction honking at us, getting our attention, then flipping us off. What is that about?

I remember when I was in highschool and my friends used to drive to the The Projects to buy drugs. They would always take the one black kid that we knew to go with them. He was some sort of an ambassador to the neighborhood or something.

Obviously, five dudes riding country roads in spandex is going to offer a reaction, but come on. Yes, Jernigan is dressed so Euro that he would be mistaken for the actual Euro amongst us, which might warrant a honk. Or maybe the slightly less Euro looking, but actually from Europe guy, who if conversation were had in this war against immigration, might warrant a honk. But the middle finger too?

Of the five of us; one was actually FROM THE SOUTH; one was from Greene County and is an avid hunter/fisherman. We have ambassadors to your region!
Does Primal wear make an orange camouflage cycling kit? Should we install gun/carcass racks on our bikes while wearing these kits to make it seem as if we are just going hunting and have all lost our driving licenses due to DUI's?

Anyway, the queen of them all was 20 miles out when we passed a turn and climbed out of Oakdale, a car waiting at the stop sign pulled out and M-F'ed us while they tore tire. They were at least 50 yards behind us, but still felt the need to do this.

Dont let the bastards get you down. I still had fun. Thanks for the ride Jeremy, Mike, Chris, and Steve.

Cheer up Western PA.


Anonymous said...

Team Cabela's/Budlight kits! where could we put the Tony Stewart nascar window decal???


Yoni said...

Can't tell you how many times I've been called Lance or had plastic bottles thrown at me while going up Greenfield ave. Gotta love the burgh

MyHusbandRules said...

I like the local dude who only wears American flag jerseys. He figures the rednecks won't hit him, and the old people won't him, so that just leaves the minivan driving soccer moms to worry about.

Another option: Black & gold kit. No one in this area is going to hit Steeler colors. Extra credit if you can get a Polomalu (or however the hell you spell it) wig to go with it.

Anonymous said...

One time some d-bag yelled at me asking "who do you think you are?? Neil Armstrong?"

No, I was not riding in a spacesuit.

Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

That reminds me of one time I dressed up for halloween in a white robe, beard and crown of thorns, dragging 2 bed slats nailed together in a cross. as I was walking down the street to the party I was headed to, at least 3 different Indiana County Yinzers yell at me "hey, its Moses...!"

Yoni said...

Dude, All i knows is dat dem folks from Indiana Cahnty is too smart for der own goods. Gotta move over here ta Butler for some real learnin in ahr schools.

Anonymous said...

The Primal Wear comment is rich!


Matt! said...

One time we were on a long ride in Central California (yes, CA has rednecks, it ain't all LA...) and we were trying to convince someone to do a naked mile. We decided that if a car full of locals saw us it would be less gay to be naked than to be wearing spandex.

Jason said...

WPA ALWAYS has a stick up their ass with cyclists. I've gotten used to it. I just smile and wave anymore.

Of course I got whistled at by 2 guys in beat up car a few weeks ago as I put a slipped chain back on my chain ring. So I just started rubbing my ass seductively. Kidding about the ass rubbing.


Bobke Strut said...

For the past several years I've raced for a team sponsored by a construction company and my kit has proven to be redneck Kryptonite. The boss-man of the company, our title sponsor, is all a cycling machine and every yahoo prone to nail me with a Mountain Dew or a bottle of Bud has to think twice...could that be my boss and am I about to kiss my paycheck goodbye? Of course, it still hasn't stopped the people driving in the opposite direction from flipping me off. I've never understood that one.