Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tying together: Pittsburgh, Primaries, Delegates, Politics, and CYCLING!

Here we go. I was unable to find a list of the 2008 Pennsylvania Delegates, however I did find the 04 list. It was pretty cool to look at the amazing local people involved.

The list is available here.

On this list are such amazing people as the "Hon. Twanda Carlisle, Pittsburgh" and "Valerie Roberts, Pittsburgh."

Well anybody who has watched or listened to local new recently knows that the Honorable Ms. Carlisle plead no contest and was sentencedthis week to 1-2 years in jail for stealing 43,000 dollars in taxpayer money. She bought a 4400 dollar fur coat.
She was a delegate in 04.

Miss Roberts case for being a crappy person is more subjective. Miss Roberts was jaywalking a few years ago downtown, when she was "Valerie Mcdonald-Roberts." She was a city council person. Around the same time, the police tried enforcing anit-jaywalking measures downtown and were met with fierce resistance. Anyway, a cyclist took it upon himself to give her a scare and nearly hit her. This was something that I often enjoyed while cruising around downtown. Looking back on it, it was a crappy thing to do, but I would see if I could rub a jaywalker with my messenger bag while I passed them by. My rationale was that if I were a driver not paying attention (say texting or talking on the phone), I would have hit this jaywalker.

Anyway Mcdonald-Roberts proposed some sweet measures. This is from an article that has a sweet picture of my brother before he sold out to the man.

"A few years ago, a messenger's run-in with then-Pittsburgh City Council member Valerie McDonald Roberts prompted a proposal to tighten restrictions on messengers and require them to take extra identification measures, such as installing six-foot flags on their bikes."

Anyway, needless to say that the measure failed. I forget what all was included with it, but we would have had to have flags on our bikes, special lisences plates, pay for ID's and some other stuff. The best was when she didnt know how to answer how she knew it was a messenger and not just somebody riding around downtown with a messenger bag on.
Also a delegate in 04.
I cannot find who the PA super delegates were on 04.

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