Monday, February 18, 2008

Hippie bike rider dominates monopoly. Guest writer.

Dear Howard Hanna Real Estate,
I just want to say that I CRUSHED Pittsburgh's real estate mogul at Monopoly last night. If you would like me to come in during my spare time and teach a few classes, maybe I can help out this "real estate slump" that our nation seems to be facing.

Also got this email from Babik regarding the new Knight rider. Burning questions have been answered without putting in the couch time. I only included the last line because it was in the email, not because Im one of those guys posting SICK NUMBERS on my blog. The ride was actually 5:30

Soundtrack of the week: Sick of it All - we stand alone ep



So I was watching knight rider Sunday eve and it came to me.. The chicks name from original was Bonnie.

Besides this, let me tell you the difference between the original series back in the 80’s and this new one.

1. The new series must be sponsored by FORD. 90% of the vehicles in the show were new Fords.
2. The new series has a main character that is a lesbian. Never would have got away with that in the 80’s
3. Commercials every 9 min. Which most of the time were FORD commercials. Turner’s right, the show would be half as long without.
4. Kit makes jokes..
5. The new mike knight sleeps with two chicks at a time, not just one like the original MK

I could keep going but I’ll just say I think it was a bust. Guess I’ll keep livin in the past as far as this show goes.

Nice riding this weekend!


Oh the normalized power was 248 for our 5 hour ride. 8 watts shy of our PB but with the extra hour of effort I’ll give it to us.


He to the B said...

Is Babik a little bit of February doughy still? That would make the actual effort not as impressive.

steevo said...

I dont know how much to say, but during the ride i smacked him from the side and was like "oh my you are thin!" not doughy at all. haha