Tuesday, March 16, 2010

earthquake. fargo st.

I felt my first earthquake last night. Being jet lagged and only getting 6 or 7 hours of sleep caught up to me finally and I crashed hard. I fell asleep at like 9pm. I woke up in the dark to the house shaking. I thought it could have been a dream, but there is a drum set in the living room, and the cymbals were ringing pretty good. 4.4 magnitude. I thought it was kind of rare, but then I saw this list. Chile seems to have 5 a day.

I happened to be here, and we happened to be riding past the Fargo St hill climb. For the yinzers out there, I was pretty impressed with the hill. It was very much like Logan St out of Millvalle.

I got a patch!

Week 1 was 5 days (arrived on Tuesday, so only rode weds-sun)
Ending Duration Distance TSS
3/14/2010 22:10:33 350.69 1117


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no way. I didnt post any of my not sick numbers.
Wangage is this chew's nephew doing a 1450 mile week last week. haha.