Friday, March 19, 2010

Routines and the internet.

So this past week I found myself getting up, eating a bunch of food, drinking a bunch of coffee, and then setting out for the Santa Monica Mountains. After just a few days of this, I found myself already in a routine. How do I know? Well, in a city of just under 10 million people, I ran into the same Brinks truck driver leaving the same bank two days in a row. Coincidence right? Then six miles later, I ran into the same commuter on a recumbent as the day before. Weird. If you are going to have a groundhogs day like routine, you might as well get in good rides in the mountains.

Some dudes have blogs where they just take pictures of themselves riding. I am above that, so I have hired a camera crew to document my epic riding.

Oh speaking of epic riding, I was doing some SLOW riding in Griffith park and saw a rapha condor dude. I gave him the wave, and he ignored me. Well, I was on the loop, and made a point the second time to say "HELLO" with a wave. Still denied. The dude was super pro looking. Dope kit, dope matching bike, the whole deal.

So I was enamored, and wondered why this super epic PRO dude was in LA. I know barely anything about the team, except for what I learn while watching English races on the internerd.

Anyway, I did some googling and realized that he may have been on the Rapha Condor Club Team. I hope he paid the extra 1500 pounds to have a pink striped jersey to snub me in the local park. Awesome.

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