Tuesday, March 23, 2010

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march 21 2010

Today was good. I woke up and baked granola for an hour or so while drinking my coffee. I flipped through a CrimethInc book while waiting for a friend to show up, but ended up bailing. Solo flight.

I hit the road around 11:30, heading west towards Santa Monica. There is like 40 minutes of sprawl (exact same time it takes me to get to Guys run from my house) before I hit the ocean. Once I reached the ocean, I filmed a video where I pretended the ocean was speaking to Amy and said "This is the ocean speaking, I cant wait to see you... bring Ramazani."

Then I headed north. I took PCH 25 miles up to The Mulholland Highway. Despite it's name, it is not a highway at all. I rode for 45 minutes before I saw a car. The climb switched back over itself like a million times (see drawing). When I turned off of PCH I was nervous that it looked overcast in the mountains, but after a few miles I was above the clouds I had seen.

I rolled Mulholland for a long time. I stopped at a fruit stand and bought 2 oranges and what I believed to be a tangelo. There was a communication barrier between me and the fellow selling them, but I do think it was a tangelo.

Then I turned on Old Topenga Rd and climbed up to the town of Topenga. Topenga sounds like it used to be neat. Neil Young, Charles Manson, Woodie Guthrie and a few of the Beach Boys have all lived there. It used to be an artist colony. Now its just rich people who pass cyclists too closely in their cars!

Back on PCH to Santa Monica and through Brentwood (think OJ simpson). I was kind of thirsty and hungry cause I was at mile 90 and had only taken in 2 bottles and 450 calories when I saw my new best friend. She was 4 and had just set up her business selling lemon aid. The lemons were apparently fresh squeezed and it had watermelon mixed in. I talked her into filling up my bottle for a dollar. Im really not sure who won out on that deal because the cups she was selling for a quarter were kind of big.

I rode back to my residence, stopping at the bakery for a coke and a cookie.

Then I rode back and forth in the driveway for .1 miles (5 times) to get the full 100 miles in.

Then Matt and I walked to the Thai restaurant. The woman working tried to talk me out of buying the food I wanted because it had durian fruit in it, which apparently smells like battery acid and vomit mixed with diesel fuel. It tasted ok though.

Then we went to Jons, which is the poor man's Vons. Vons is like Ralphs, which is like giant eagle. Get it? Matt's neighborhood is nuts. It is where Thai town meets Little Armenia. The grocery store has so much crazy food and crazy people. There are always peppers there that I have never seen, and today they had mini eggplants. Also had a pack of trannies and one of them had a bluetooth in, which was just kind of funny. Sorry if that is insensitive.

Then I made juice in the juicer.


Eric Lundgren said...

One of my co-workers wanted me to try durian real bad but it costs 300 dollars to get it shipped here. 12 dollars for the fruit and 288 for shipping because it stinks so bad. He said if he did get he wouldn't touch it or put it in his car.

steve k! said...

weird that eric and i were trying to figure out the name of the durian the other day. perhaps the same day i thought about watching the hipsters discussing cx video on the screen at the brillobox. this is getting creepy.

but- best part is the 4 year old selling lemonade. she was probably really stoked on having a dollar bill rather than a bunch of quarters.

Matt said...

I love this post.