Monday, March 15, 2010

The hype on California is real...

So my vacation has been awesome. I headed out to visit my buddy Matt, and get some fun riding in.

Highlights so far:
-A Lamborghini with a trunk rack, and a bling BMC on the rack. Seriously
-Multiple 7 - 10 mile climbs.
-Back to back 6 hour days in the saddle.
-More Latin Americans in LAX than possibly all of the Pittsburgh region.

I realized that it has been over 5 years since I have lived in a "group living situation".. .aka a punkhouse. Matt is still holding it down pretty tight. 5 people under one roof. I forgot what it was like to always have people around. I forgot how much I used to hang out in the kitchen of all the houses (for some reason congregation always happens in the kitchen). Fun times the past few days for sure.

knucks at 4500'


LuckyLaud said...


Took your advice and made the bagels with my daughters yesterday. Great fun with the girls, thanks for the suggestion.


TerribleTerry said...

I'm headed to SF for work next week. Taking my bike. Hopefully I'll get a mini (evening only) version of your CA experience.

I need to coordinate a sunday ride with you next time I'm driving through on my way back from's sunday April 4th at noon sound?