Friday, March 05, 2010

I am the crazy one? Seriously?

Google maps cannot keep up with the sprawl that is Cranberry Township.
I rode past this gem of a street, and vomited in my mouth a little. Its not even on google maps yet.

"Walden Pond Lane"

Here is the MLS listing. For non Pittsburgh people, 700k is like 4 billion dollars elsewhere.

So the house has 4.5 bathrooms, goes for a huge amount of money, replaced farmland with sprawl and is in a subdivision named "Walden Pond" on a road named "Walden Pond Ln."

Should I be offended? Or should I laugh at how ridiculous it is?

I picture some super bitter group of people who are responsible for these housing plots. They are probably trained urban planners or architect who were forced to replace their idealism with a decent paycheck. I picture them having office polls about who can come up with the most ironic, meaningless name. Maybe they have like a big presentation at the end of the year and give out awards. I hope this one wins.

For those of you like Bob, please read at least the wiki page on walden.

Also a great man, and lifelong cyclist Ken Kifer who was struck by a car while riding and died a few years ago, has great notes on Walden.


ds said...

My favorite is when the name of the McDevelopment describes the type of nature that existed there before the development destroyed it..."Berkshire Forest," "The Woods," or "Pleasant Fields."

Andy said...

looks like a cul-de-nut-sack

Spice said...

The greatest is when the douchebag owner of one those oversize card boxes goes into the local Ski or bike shop to haggle over prices....fucking great. Then afterwards they drive away in their Lexus...after not getting the deal they wanted.

Alan said...

Ooooh. It has a greatroom. What is that?