Tuesday, July 03, 2007

from lance to landis

This books is good. I got it via "inter library loan" from Bethel Park Library (aka the slums Im from) This is all after a weekend of sweet racing. 2nd raccoon rally and got jared the V at the Indiana 5 points. Snydes did my usual MO of last in the break, but he was there to do it, so I had to do something else. No USCF involvement this weekend baby. Doc Snydes and I drove his new Prius up and averaged 50 miles per gallon. That is pretty freaking sweet. I was the only person in our breakaway that was under the age of 40. Old dudes can be really fast. I remember a few years ago reading the team Torelli website and it said something like "we are old, but we are fast." Well whatever, my blog now says that Im young and slow.
Indiana crit:
Turner: "dude you should have called chew and had him race, its non uscf"
me :"yeah dude that would have ruled"
2 minutes later me: "dude there is chew"
Danny Chew was randomly riding through blairsville and wanted to see why the streets were closed. He thought it might have been a carnival. I told him I would pay his entry fee if he raced. I reminded him of the "I do a double century in the Winter in Pittsburgh and you do a Citizens race" deal we struck. He denied me.
The race was fast, and I was slow. Then I chased, then it was over. Sweet. Jared's deal is that he has to do the Wilderness 101 since Nate came down to help get the V. I might do it as well, but jared MUST do it, or he is like Danny Chew. Break a deal, spin the wheel, as they said on Mad Max.
I sat in on Hodos' spin class on Monday, which was sweet cause its soon to be MY spin class. We'll see how that goes. I did hit the freaking steam room though, and unlike the JCC, there were no old guys spanking each other with towels in it.
I cabbed for 24 hours, on the slowest cab day of the year so far and got 2 trips that were over 200 dollars. Freaking sweet.Some people drive everyday and are lucky to get 2 a year. Crazy
Oh the book, it is good. It pretty much says "everybody is on the dope."
Im going to bed.

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Anonymous said...

i guess i was a completely transparent 27-year-old in the break. oh well. when will i get another chance for steevo to notice me?