Sunday, July 08, 2007


."Thunder presented by Ride BMX magazine
Senior year of highschool. The jumps were getting too big and I left BP right after graduation and moved to the city. This was right around when I was quitting riding bmx.
This is pretty much how I spent the preceding 8 years.
The first song is a mix of Eastern and Western PA. The second song is 99% Pittsburgh. These are the trails that we built, we rode, we controlled. I spent at least 20 hours a week there for a good 5 or 6 years. The video shows maybe 60% of the stuff we had in the woods. We built it all with shovels, fueled by iced tea and little debbie snacks.
I used to really be able to ride a bike.
Wingding, Groundchuck, rocco, barspinniak, stieg... this was right around half of the Pittsburgh crew. Barspinniak bought a house and cars and stuff because he was so good.He has since retired.
This was all probably filmed in one day, just a normal day of riding. I dont even remember this video. The previous 5 years we would get somebody from some trails nearly ever week, people would drive across the country just hitting the trails and filming it all.
To think Im afraid of sprinting, but I used to jump these jumps


Matt! said...

Could it ever get better than that? It was such a simple formula: do absolutely everything possible to spend as much at the trails as possible. Minimal working, minimal girlfriendland (except winter trips), minimal school. One goal. And think of all the unpaid shoveling we did! Probably spent more time digging then working from age 14-19. Crazy times.

New Spice said...