Tuesday, July 17, 2007


"that was the best trip up 279 I have ever taken" - ed krall.
The bike leg of the Pittsburgh Triathlon goes right up the HOV lane of the parkway north. We were driving up it and gawking at all of the cyclists, their bikes, their aero positions and the course itself.

I wish the drive to philly was lined with people on TT bikes flogging themselves, it would make the trip out there a lot more fun.

One awesome thing we saw, due to the uphill of the HOV lane, was a man riding out of the saddle, IN THE AERO BARS. How on earth does one do this? It was amazing and scary at the same time.

Some people were impressed when Danny Chew rode 180 miles without food or water, but Rasmussen has taken the yellow jersey without eating for like 3 years.

Everybody in Pittsburgh needs to sign up for the Big Burrito (http://www.bigburrito.com) email list. They send you a card on your birthday for a free meal at one of their restaurants (up to 30 bucks!!). Needless to say, I classed it up last night at Casbah. Im not into celebrating birthdays, I mean, what is there to celebrate? You were able to breathe, drink, eat, and sleep for a year, wow congrats. Celebrating a birthday is just admitting that you cant really accomplish anything more. This does not include really old people. Driving my cab, some peole would celebrate
as if they made the podium in one of the most brutal national championships.


steve k said...

dude, that big burrito thing is a sick deal!

Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

Yo man, was there a race in Indiana PA this year?

I didn't see it if there was....

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