Sunday, July 29, 2007

Chocolate Pizza

So my man Haji had a birthday, so we baked him a cake. We took it over to "Little Somalia." Sharfi opened the door to their house and saw the cake. She is about 5 years old, and struggles a bit with English. Her eyes lit up and she said "chocolate pizza!"
Close enough I guess. I think cake is probably one of the first 50 words an American kid learns, so it was funny to see her put words together to come up with an accurate description of a cake without saying the word.

Track racing at the pseudodrome (ghettodrome, washington blvd oval... .. ) Friday night was intense. I continued my longstanding streak of getting my ass handed to me by old dudes when Bob Gottlieb put in a course setting 2:01 standing start 1 mile, compared to my 2:07, and then continued to put the hurt on me out sprinting me every time. I could hardly walk upstairs when I got home. Brutal efforts.

One time local hero Joe Papp made the New York Times today, avid readers such as Dr. Stubna call it just "The Times."
You dont need a login for the NYT anymore

Finally the 19th edition of the Month of Mud has been posted, with the inclusion of the Mammoth Park Cross race, which Pflug puts on and is apparently really an awesome course.

Sept 16 - Mammoth Park, Mammoth, PA - cross
Sept 23 - Bavington State Game Lands, Bavington, PA - atb time trial
Sept 30 - Grove City Memorial Park, Grove City, PA - jungle cross
Oct 7 - Bradys Run Park, Beaver Falls, PA - atb
Oct 14 - Moraine State Park, Portersville, PA - atb


Jeremy said...

dude brady's run, awesome. i used to re-enact the civil war there. i probably played dead in a ditch in the middle of the course you're going to ride, haha.

p.s. i'm in chicago now. no ben weasel sightings yet, but i will keep you up to date.

Mike said...

hey, i can get the sunday times up here in northern NH, sweet eh?