Sunday, July 08, 2007

Google Tour

So two of the best things on earth have come together to form one super best thing.
This is compliments of Kirby, who crashed on his bike pretty hard a few weeks ago.

.2007 route

Google Earth and The tour combine forces. You can download the file and look at each day's stage. Start, finish, climbs and sprints are all labeled. This is a pretty rad way to see the course. I found myself in the past googling climbs to get their exact place and trying to find them to look at them.

Now if somebody could just point out some free streaming video?

Thanks Kirby, get well

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kirbypublic2 said...

Thanks Steevo -- just saw this. Would have cried, but I was laughing too much from something you said further up the page. "Well" is just a few more laps away -- and on this course, the final laps are the easy ones (imagine that).