Monday, July 23, 2007

A wild pack of family dogs....

So Friday, while getting ready for the 4+ hour turnpike ride, I am being a "neb nose" and looking out the windows at the neighbors. Friday is trash day, and I watched the new sketchy neighbor guy, who hangs out with the dude with the house arrest anklet thing on, get a ticket. He watches the cop write him the ticket for parking on the garbage pickup side of the road. He doesnt do anything about it, or try to contest it at all. Ok so four hours later Im waiting for Jared and being nebby and I see this dude flying up the street. My street is so narrow that you cant park on both sides on trash day, hence the ticket he got. Well he clips his bumper on the car across the street and RIPS HIS WHOLE BUMPER OFF. Its like a Nissan Ultima or something, so its a giant chunk of plastic, with the license plate!
Of course he keeps going. It took the dude only a bit longer to ditch the stolen car and return back to the crackhouse across the street than it did for the police to arrive. Though I didnt have my stop snitchin T shirt on or anything, but I wasnt about to get killed over somebody else's car.

Saturday: 70 mile road race. 2 decent climbs per lap. Early move goes with 4 dudes in it, including one of our guys, he gets bit by a dog and is told by the moto marshal to go to the ambulace, we chase and chase and get attacked and get 6th,7th, and 9th. I outsprinted Trdinia for 7th. I guess being happy with that result is the definition of complacent.

I always look at the images that they post of the bike races. I want to buy one for my dad or whatever of me looking fast and cool, or whatever. All I can ever find are pictures of me with my jersey totally unzipped sitting 4th wheel with a hell of a pain face on.
Example 1
Ex 2 - Im even hurting in the feed zone

I think half of the purpose of blogs is to talk smack and make fun of people so here is my shot at it: Sez, dont you work in a bike shop or something? Why did you have the 10-19 cassette on? If times are that tough with the new house and all, I can do an extra night in the cab to help a brother out.

The highlight of sunday was driving to Silver Spring for the crit. I got to listen to weekend edition and totally nailed all but 1 of the Puzzle Master's weekly quiz.

The setup for the crit was awesome. Downtown, streets closed, people lining the courses at outdoor cafe's, kids, families, whole foods, thai restaurants etc. The only bad part was the choppy choppy pavement. I get dressed and do a pretty good warm up for me. The race had 4 750 dollar primes. Yes I typed that right. Only 1 pro there. Sick. They fire the gun. First turn, 1 water bottle already on the ground. Second turn another, rolling toward me, parallel with my front wheel. Perpendicular is ok, you just run it over and hopefully the lid blows off or it is in the drink position and gatoraid or some other crap shoots out of it. Parallel is bad. Im on the ground. My brand new Caad9 is too. We are both OK, as are the Zipps. I just tore some handlebar tape, and the human equivalent of that - some road rash.

Jake Lifson Esq. sacked up big time when he crashed a few laps later, by jumping back into the race with the help of Sram neutral support. My bars and STI's were twisted and I had some blood, so I opted to watch Babik get a pretty sweet 3rd. The officials camera BROKE and the results were contested for like 2 hours. People go apeshit at the oval of a MAR point being wrong and yell at Amy and Nikki. The worst person at this 5000 dollar crit was still nicer to the officials than the worst person I have seen at the oval.

Turnpike, almost home, passed by a porsche doing 90ish. He is weaving in and out of cars, and tries to split two cars up the middle, but one moves right out of his way. He picks it up to probably see triple digits. What a maniac we all think. Its one of those moments when you HOPE a cop is around to see how big of a jerk some driver is. Then we see the state trooper peeling out of his parking spot to pull the dude over. We cheered him on as he passed us. Awesome.


Anonymous said...

Once again, you made my day dude.
Pain face? I'll give you pain face

Some of us actually sacked-up and finished the crit that year.

OK, it was the 4 race, what can I say, I'm old. Please tell me you are going to VT to kick ass this year.

steevo said...

my brother has to get married that weekend. I was talking to mayhew the other day and we decided that you have been away for like 8 years. I thought you only had to go for like 3?

Anonymous said...

Seriously dude, it feels like 8 doesn't it?
We are coming back for most of August and I am looking to do some riding, you in? Kirby's out of the game (the only one with any sense) so I don't want to go solo the whole time.